Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar has pH of 5.5 and sugar based |
mild cleanser. Other baby soaps have pH>7 which leads to
barrier damage. When the baby is born, the skin pHis 7. The
acid mantle which protects the baby’s delicate skin takes afew
weeks to 3 months to develop, the pH of skin then becomes
5.5. At pH 5.5 alone the skin’s protective barrier remains intact. |
Ithas been clinically proven that only at pH 5.5, the lpidand
moisture loss is minimum and the growth of pathogenic
bacteria is restricted. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar is free
from irritants and hence has 0% incidences of ritant
reactions. Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar contains botanical §
ingredient, hence the reported incidence of allegic reactionis
0.000003%. Only at pH5.5 the baby’s delicate eyes are not ‘
irtitated and the tear free formula s free from formaldehyde.


Product Type: cleansing bar

Quantity: 150gm, 1 Nos

How to Use:

  •  Please wet the body of your baby with water and rub a lttle
    bit of Sebamed baby bar on your palms with water and form
    a bit of lather and gently apply on your baby’s body and face
    and thoroughly rinse your baby’s body with water.
  •  Avoid vigorous scrubbing of any area of the skin with
    Sebamed baby cleansing bar.
  • Youcan gently cleanse the exposed areas more prone to
    germs (face, hands and legs) several times a day.

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0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 Months


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